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Mã SP: RS-4E

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Điểm nổi bật

This pre-heater is duel-fuel powered (diesel and gas), so that it can heat paint with two kinds of fuels. Compared with RS-4A road marking preheater, it has an additional diesel tank. Extra diesel increases its time of continuous work.


Tank Quantity Double Tanks
Size (L×W×H) 1830*1740*1650 mm
Net Weight 1120kg
Fuel diesel oil and gas
Heating Temperature 180℃-220℃
Diesel Engine 15P Electric-started water cooling diesel engine
Hydraulic OilTank Capacity 70L
Thermal Insulation Layer 4mm thickness steel plate, 5cm thickness insulation cotton and 1mm thickness stainless steel
Paint Tank Bottom Thickness 6mm
Heating System Liquefied petroleum gas (natural gas) and diesel, adopt energy-efficient burner (Direct injection Stove)
Rotating Speed of Stirring Device 20-100r/min
Hydraulic System Pressure 5 Mpa
Working Pressure 4-5 Mpa