Máy rửa xe ô tô tự động AT-WU02

Mã SP: AT-WU02

Tư vấn - Hà Nội - 024.35560833
  • Quang Được
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    0967458568 - 024 35560833 Ext: 105
  • Thùy Chi
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    0902226358 - 024.33360834 Ext: 115
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    0903450138 - 024 35560833 Ext: 108
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    0906066620 - 024-35561696 Ext:101

Điểm nổi bật

Ⅰ:Technical parameters:

Control System: PLC
Electron Optic Tracking System: RIKO
Avoid Rubbing System: 360°Round
High Pressure Water Pump: Germany
Machine Casing: Hot Dip Galvanized And Outdoor Powder Paint
Colour: Red/ Yellow/ Bule/ White/ Green
Water Consumption: 90-150L/Car
Power Consumption: 0.5-1.0Kwh/Car
Main Electrical: Schneider
Machine Size: 3500*2500*3300MM(L*W*H)
Vehicle Size: 5200MM*2300MM*2000MM (L*W*H)
Rail Length: 5000MM
Washing Time 100S/Car
Remote Control System: 1 Set
Water Wax Machine: 1 Set

Ⅱ: Product introduction:

   AT-WU02 Automatic car washing machine is equipped with new-generation car model detection technology which is featured as combination of various ways of car washing and fast speed of cleaning, the profiling air-dry technology ensures the efficient drying , the combination of various ways of washing improves the washingspeed, the hot-dip galvanized frame ensure a longer service time.


Power requied 380V/22Kw
Pump Power Siemens18.5 Kw
fan motor poewr Siemens20.5 Kw
automatic proportioning system A variety of liquid package
Self-help guide parking system
Chassis washing function
Tire washing function
The color bubble function
Soft water spray function
LED Prompt System
Wash the car quantity counting function
Breakdown self check function
Credit card charge system
freeze protection system
C steel structure slippery course


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