Máy rửa xe ô tô tự động AT-WD03

Mã SP: AT-WD03

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Điểm nổi bật

Ⅰ:Technical parameters:

Equipmentsize: 8800MM*4620MM*4020MM(L*W*H)
TheMax.carsize: 3500MM*2600MM(H*W)
Washingthecarspeed: 40-80vehicles/hour(coach)
Waterconsumptionvolume: 150L/cars(coach)
Electricalequipmentcapacity: 12KW
Ordinarywashing: Detergentwashingormodechoice
Theoperationmode: Automaticcontrol,manualcontroloperations
Washingthebrushstrip: Foambrush
Controlsystem: InJapanMitsubishiprogramablecontrolsystem
Steelstructurecoating: Hotzincpaintcoating

Ⅱ: Product introduction:

   AT-WD03 The application and working principle:the channel  bus washing machine is mainly used for cleaning of common passenger cars, air-conditioned buses, double buses, articulated buses and medium-sized passenger cars.

The channel washing way,vehicle by the driver to slow into the washing machine. Four groups of brushes are respectively cleaning vehicle front and back and two sides, cleaning by a driver whencombined withmanipulation.


1.Soft brush, protect the body paint, not easy to scratch;

2.The large number of washing the car, an hour up to 60 vehicles;

3.High quality components, superior performance, high reliability;

4.Low water consumption, simple operation;

5.Optional sewage treatment system, meet the environmental requirements of the city;

6.Ahigh degree of automation, car wash large quantity, small area

7.Widely used in various large passenger and bus system


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