Máy rửa xe ô tô tự động 3In1

Mã SP: 3In1

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Điểm nổi bật

Main Features: 
1. High pressure water washing system.
2. Shampoo sprinkling wash system.
3. Vacuum car cleaner system.
4. Recharge card collect system or coin collector system
5. Charged according to washing time.
6. Remote control system.
7. Winterization system.
8. Hot-dip galvanized steel frame.

Main parts
1.Operate panel
2.Card collector system
3.High pressure pump
4.High pressure water nozzle
5.Chamber for vacuum cleaner
6.Car vacuum cleaner nozzle
may rua xe o to tu dong 3in1 hinh 0 may rua xe o to tu dong 3in1 hinh 1 may rua xe o to tu dong 3in1 hinh 2 may rua xe o to tu dong 3in1 hinh 3 may rua xe o to tu dong 3in1 hinh 4 may rua xe o to tu dong 3in1 hinh 5


Overalldimensions 800x580x1750mm Mainsvoltage 2PHASEAC220V/50HZ
Heightofswingarm 300mm Totalpower 5.5KW
Swingarm 360degree Water/Shampooconsumption 8-10L/min,4ml/min
Lengthofwaterpipe 500mm Waterpressure 10Mpa(80kgs)
Lengthofvacuumpipe 500mm Workingtemp. -10℃~40℃
Availablecartowash Allkindsofcars GrossWeight 250KGS

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